Grass Cutting in Burnside

Our team of gardeners regularly visit Burnside (Rutherglen) for our repeat customers. See below for our past jobs and services that we offer:

  • Regular: Regular fortnightly grass cutting service: grass cutting, trimming your edges, blowing loose grass and leaves away and free weed killer on hard surfaces.
  • One Off: A one off grass cut – Price dependent on size and condition.

Garden Tidy Ups

We provide a garden clearance service which consists of 2-3 gardeners who will come to your garden in Burnside and work for 3.5 hours and provide grass cutting, hedge trimming, tree shaping, weeding and will focus on what you want done to your garden. Options are:

  • Option 1: 2 Hour slot with 2/3 professional gardeners.
  • Option 2: Half day 2/3 gardeners for 3.5 hours.
  • Option 3: Full day 7 hours with 2/3 gardeners.

Full Garden Maintenance Service

Our garden maintenance plan combines all of our services together resulting in a complete garden solution. So we provide regular grass cutting, flower bed weeding, hedge trimming, tree trimming, weed killer application leaving your garden looking perfect.

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Burnside Grass Cutting

Grass Cutting Job:

Here we have a before and after from a back garden in Burnside. When we first arrived the grass was wet and very long . However we where able to turn it round for the customer under the conditions and allow the garden to be usable again which was especially important to the customer who was looking to get out the house and enjoy the weather during the covid-19 lock down.

This got me thinking that during the present unforeseen epidemic that the garden space is now more important for people and family’s than ever before. With large amount of the population furlowed people are missing out on there daily commute to work, which can mean that they may not leave there house without a good excuse, luckily for them they have a garden. This gives them somewhere to escape , somewhere to send the kids , talk to there neighbour over the fence and so on and so on.

Everyone will remember 2020 for the obvious reasons but I think a lot of people will remember also the time spent in there gardens, whether sunbathing or pottering about.

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Hedge Trimming Burnside

Hedge trimming today in Burnside, South Lanarkshire. This customer books our services 3 times per year and purely for trimming there hedges and shrubs. Typically we recommend June/July and then September/October for trimming, for most gardens twice per year for cutting things back is enough.

Privet hedges are the most commonly found in garden around Glasgow, they are evergreen and very hardy. This means they can be hard pruned back and they will come back green fairly soon. We do find that we do a lot of hedge reductions which involves taking a foot or more off of the hedges height or width, this can be a lot of work and results in a great deal of waste also. To get the best results on a hedge reduction then the right equipment is essential. We recommend a good set of garden loppers and hedge trim, many of the branches can be a few inches thick. The benefit of the reduction is that it can work wonders for the customers garden, more light and space is achieved instantly. When done correctly a very formal shape can be achieved allowing for the hedge to be trained when it starts to bud again.

Please note that hedge trimming is also a service that we do all the time and we do not just offer hedge reduction services.

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Customer Reviews
Would recommend mark and other guys

Guys done a great job of tidying up my large garden and cutting the grass. Left the garden very tidy and thought price was very reasonable.
yell review
Review from Yell | May 2020