Gardeners in East Kilbride

Looking for a gardener in East Kilbride? Look no further – MIG Garden Care are a team of highly skilled gardeners who provide a range of services which include grass cutting, garden maintenance and garden tidy ups. See below for our range of services: 

Grass Cutting Service East Kilbride

You have two options when getting your grass cut first is a one off grass cut and the price depends on the size and condition of your garden so get in touch for a quote. The second option is our regular grass cutting plan which includes trimming, cutting and blow fortnightly during the growing season (March to November). Get in touch for a price. 

Garden Tidy Up

This is perfect for when your garden has got slightly out of control, full of weeds, grass is too long for regular lawn mowers and hedges all over the place. You have two options: 

  • Option 1: Half day 3.5 Hours with three professional gardeners who come and clear the garden and we can focus on whatever you like. 
  • Option 2: Full day (7 hours) three gardeners come and sort the whole garden includes all of the above including spraying the hard surfaces with weed killer and more. 
Garden Maintenance Plans

Our maintenance plan includes regular visits but adds in weeding flower beds, trimming hedges and making your garden always look neat and tidy. 

Get a quick quote call now: 07795161893

Latest East Kilbride Jobs:

A visit to Jackton in East Kilbride for one of our fortnightly grass cutting customers here.

We firstly strim the edges before running the lawnmower round the grass to pick up the strimmings. After cutting the rest of the lawn we then blow all the debris from the cut grass to leave a neat and tidy job. Lastly here we sprayed weedkiller round all the hard paving areas.

Most customers set up a fortnightly grass cutting plan with us and then add in weedkiller sprayed at once per month. We run this service March to November, each customer gets 16 fortnightly cuts.

Call or WhatsApp: 07795161893