Grass Cutting Rutherglen

MIG Garden Care provides a full garden maintenance service to the Rutherglen area of South Lanarkshire. Services include grass cutting Rutherglen, hedge trimming, tree trimming, garden tidy ups and garden maintenance plans.

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Grass Cutting Options:

  • Option 1: Regular fortnightly grass cutting service: grass cutting, trimming your edges, blowing loose grass and leaves away and free weed killer on hard surfaces.
  • Option 2: A one off grass cut – Price dependent on size and condition.


Garden Tidy Ups Rutherglen

We provide a garden clearance service which consists of 2-3 gardeners who will come to your property and work for 3.5 hours and provide grass cutting, hedge trimming, tree shaping, weeding and will focus on what you want done to your garden.

  • Option 1: 2 Hour slot with 2/3 professional gardeners.
  • Option 2: Half day 2/3 gardeners for 3.5 hours.
  • Option 3: Full day 7 hours with 2/3 gardeners.


Garden Maintenance Plans

Our garden maintenance plans include all of the services above but on a regular basis. So that means we come mow, strim, blow and apply weed killer to your hard surfaces. It also includes weeding, lawn care, moss removal, hedge trimming and tree pruning leaving your garden looking amazing.

Price depends on the size of your garden, please get in touch for a quote.

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    Grass Cutting Rutherglen

    Past Job 1: 

    Here are pictures from a tenement back garden that we took on as a regular customer in Rutherglen. When we started the place was a jungle however we quickly got it into shape. 

    When the grass has been left to grow for months then it really needs a few cuts before it starts to look healthy again, allowing it to dry out and get light into it are very important.

    Here we had to strim the grass down before we could put the lawnmowers over it. Another issue we had was disposing of all of the grass cuttings as at the moment the council ran dumps are shut due to covid-19. However we have been able to continue to use the green dump which is in Blantyre.

    This is a green waste recycling centre supplies all of the garden centres etc with your bags of compost, cool to think that the waste taken from our job cutting grass in Rutherglen goes through a cycle and ends up being used again somewhere down the line at another garden in the UK.

    Garden Clearance Rutherglen

    Past Job 2: 

    A garden tidy up in Rutherglen this month, with our customer putting there house on the market.

    One of the requests was that we removed an old green house as it had just been used to collect clutter and they wanted it down to open up space in the garden. Apart from that grass cutting was badly needing done as well as a good tidy of all hedges and bushes.

    The customer booked us out for the day here and we also returned to pressure clean there driveway and patio are to great effect ready for the market.

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    Regular Grass Cutting Rutherglen

    Past Job 3:

    Grass cutting in Rutherglen today. This was a back court garden and was for an elderly customer. Cut in September we found that the moss had been soaking up all the recent rain fall, moss acts like a sponge and when wet expands, so with this garden we had to change the cutting height as to not bite in to the moss and make a mess.

    Over the summer months the moss dries out and a lot of gardens can look bleached or scorched due to the change in the colour as the moss loses moisture.
    We make sure all our customers lawns are in top condition however that sometimes requires scarifying / moss removal with a high iron treatment / feed at the start of the growing season. 
    grass cutting Rutherglen

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    Gardening Services in Rutherglen

    We also provide various other services which include: 

    • End of Tenancy Garden Cleans
    • Drive Pressure Cleans
    • Lawn cutting & Lawn Maintenance (domestic and commercial)
    • Garden Maintenance (domestic and commercial)
    • One off Garden Tidy Ups
    • Garden Clearance
    • Hedge Trimming
    • Tree Surgery
    • Anything Garden related – get in touch! 

    Get a quick quote call now: 0141 266 0532

    Customer Reviews

    I asked Mark if he could get my mums garden back into some order after many months of neglect. He came out and quickly assessed the job and confirmed a fair price for the work required.

    Mark and team arrived on the date he confirmed and started to clear the garden which was significant work. He came back the following week to carry out power washing and then a few days later to put the sand down on the driveway. A final visit was to prune back bushes and trees leaving the garden unrecognisable from the first visit.

    I would highly recommend Mark and his team for the hard work, punctuality, and high standard of professionalism shown whilst working on this job

    yell review
    Annette McGraw
    Review from Yell | May 2020