Ivy Removal Glasgow

We regularly get calls about out of control Ivy. It is a fast climber and can damage buildings, fences mostly due to the weight but also the roots get into every nook and cranny it can which helps it stick to whatever it is growing on. 


We can either completely remove the Ivy or trim it back as far as we can. Send us a picture of the area and what you would like done and we will give you a quote. Here below are a few of our past clients for ivy removal in Glasgow and surrounding areas. 

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    Get a quick quote call now: 07795161893

    Ivy Trimming & Removal:

    Below is an example of where our customer in Hamilton just wanted the Ivy cut back and not removed. More information can be found on our Hamilton Garden Maintenance page. Here are the pictures of our gardeners in action in Hamilton: 

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    Ivy Removal Rutherglen

    Here we have a newly purchased house in Rutherglen and when the new owners arrived they found that the ivy growth was that bad that it had gotten into the rooms of the house and had also managed into the roof space.

    Removing this takes lots of patience, usually the ivy grows from a main stem and then spreads up the walls. We usually start by chain sawing through the main stem and working our way up.  

    Get a quick quote call now: 07795161893