Hedge Trimming Glasgow

The MIG Garden Care team do all aspects of gardening and garden maintenance and that includes hedge trimming & hedge maintenance. There are a few options available:

1) Regular Hedge Maintenance

We recommend two hedge cuts per year for most hedges. Some may require three cuts per year to maintain a higher standard. 

2) 'One off' Hedge Trimming

If your hedge has gotten out of control or you have just moved into a new house and the garden is a mess just get in touch and we will provide you with a fast no hassle quote. 

3) Full Garden Maintenance Service

We offer hedge trimming as part of our garden maintenance service which includes lawn maintenance, weeding, hedge trimming, shurb trimming on a regular basis. Get in touch for a quote. 

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Previous Hedge Trimming Work

Hedge Trimming in Paisley

This customer was looking to get the top of her conifer hedge trimmed down. She was also looking for advice about the hedge being brown in places and burnt looking. 

The last person to trim this hedge cut too deeply which damaged it permanently. This is a leylandii hedge and the general rule for these hedges is “less is more” when trimming. Do not cut this back past the last green shoot of growth as it will damage your hedge and not grow back. 

This is a fast growing hedge and does require trimming twice a year and if possible using the sharpest cutting blade will result in a more clean finish. 

This was a hedge cutting job in Paisley more information can be found on our Paisley gardening page

hedge trimming Paisley

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Overgrown Hedge in Giffnock

This was a large hedge reduction in Giffnock and was a massive job not only due to the height but the length of this hedge resulted in a hard graft for the MIG team. 

We reduced the size and height of this hedge so that the customer could maintain it more easily going forward. 

For more information on this see our Giffnock garden maintenance page. 

Hedge Services

We offer a range of services in Glasgow and South Lanarkshire this includes: 

  • Hedge Trimming 
  • Hedge Reduction
  • Regular Hedge Trimming Plans
  • Hedge Maintenance
Hedge Trimming Giffnock

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