MIG Garden Care also offers Pressure Cleaning Services to the Blantyre area of South Lanarkshire.

Do you have questions about pressure cleaning services in Blantyre?

Read on and find the answers to some commonly asked questions about professional pressure cleaning services…

I have a power washer. Surely, this is a DIY job I can do myself?

Yes, if that is how you want to spend your time! Although it is possible to buy pressure cleaning equipment to wash cars and so on, these machines are not of the same professional grade as our pressure cleaning equipment.

You may also be tempted to use some kind of detergent to remove stubborn stains on driveways or exterior walls. This is problematic in any ways;

  • Damage materials – heavily acidic or alkaline detergents can damage some building materials, compromising their strength.
  • Unsuitable for the water course – soapy water needs to go somewhere; it will drain away into sewers and drains, as well as into flower beds etc. and could be damaging to plant life, and fish etc.

Is professional pressure cleaning expensive?

Pressure cleaning the exterior of a Blantyre property with a professional company such as ourselves is not expensive.

Rather than seeing it as an expense, see it as an investment. Pressure cleaning the exterior of a property helps to;

  • Spots problems signs, such as with roof tiles or gutters, early on
  • By removing dirt and grime, exterior materials last longer e.g. moss-free roofing tiles and coverings are more able to withstand rain and other weather
  • Your home will look fantastic adding both appeal and possibly value too

Does pressure cleaning damage my property?

Water under pressure can be incredibly harsh, lifting all kinds of stains and grime from a range of materials. Concentrating the jet of water in one place for a long time can result in dents but, the difference is that as a professional team, all our staff are trained in the best way to use our pressure washing equipment.

We use only the best equipment and we ensure that we check your property first, identifying and assessing any areas which may not respond well to being pressure cleaned. It is also possible to used heated water for extra cleaning power but we minimise the detergents and chemicals we use as the results are not always better.

Are you insured?

As a company offering several professional services, including pressure cleaning in Blantyre, we are fully insured to work on a range of properties.

For a free quotation, call our expert team today or check our website for special pressure cleaning deals for Blantyre customers on: 0141 266 0532