MIG Garden Care also offers Pressure Cleaning Services to the Bothwell area of South Lanarkshire.

We offer the following services:

  • Driveway and Patio Cleaning
  • Roof Cleaning
  • Brick and Wall Cleaning
  • Gutter Cleaning
  • UPVC Cleaning

The Benefits of a professional pressure clean includes:

  • Stains, Moss and Mould all gone
  • Surfaces looks like new, especially driveways
  • Your home appears dramatically improved

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Is Pressure Cleaning Suitable for all Properties

Pressure cleaning is a great way of lifting ground-in dirt and grime on the exterior of your property. But, there are a few do’s and don’ts, some of which we share with you here.

Will all materials respond well to being pressure cleaned?

Most materials respond well to pressure cleaning. Dirt, moss, other organic detritus and so on can make a surface slippery and this can lead to falls.

Dirt and stains also makes a garden or outdoor space look unpleasant. In most cases, pressure cleaning is the ideal solution but, the jet of water can be at considerable pressure.

This means not concentrating on one spot for too long. It also means understanding when to increase the pressure of the jet and when to decrease it.

Will it damage plants in my garden? And what about risks to pets and wildlife?

Pressure cleaning is a great way of cleaning your outdoor space and objects in the garden. It uses water under pressure, which increases its cleaning abilities without the need for harsh cleaning chemicals.

These chemicals can damage plants and in some cases, can cause harm to wildlife and aquatic life too. In most cases, chemical cleaners are not required but when they are, we only use approved and environmentally friendly substances.

Can you clean my windows too?

Pressure cleaning can be used to clean the windows of a property but in most cases, it is used to clean grime and dirt away from other hard surfaces such as driveways.

Can you clean my patio? Will it stop it being slippery?

Pressure cleaning is ideal for patio areas as it penetrates deep into the grime, removing it from the flag stones or concrete but without damaging the hard landscaping beneath.

Is it expensive?

Professional pressure cleaning is more cost-effective and affordable than you think. We pre-arrange a time with you to complete the job. We then complete it to your satisfaction, without you needing to waste your time on cleaning the patio ready for your guests.

What experience do you have of pressure cleaning?

We are an established local business, and have a customer base that enjoy our regular pressure cleaning services for the exterior of their property. We can clean the patio etc. ready for a part at your home and return once you have held your celebration to clean off the patio etc.

We also work with home and property owners to put the sparkle back into the exterior of their property, ready for them to sell it.

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