MIG Garden Care also offers Pressure Cleaning Services to the Clarkston area of Glasgow.

Pressure Cleaning at your Clarkston Home – Why it is a Great Solution to so Many Problems

Pressure cleaning uses the cleaning power of water. When under pressure, water has brilliant cleaning capabilities and when combined with our environmentally friendly cleaners and shielding products and our professional service, the exterior of your home will look fantastic.

Can everything be pressured cleaned?

Before we start, we make sure that the driveway, walls etc. that is to be cleaned are sound. If not, we will advise you of other services we offer.

We have a range of cleaning solutions and services, so we are bound to have a solution to cleaning the exterior of your home.

I have oil stains on the driveway. Will pressure cleaning deal with these?

Oil stains can quickly soak into a driveway surface. The success of removing oil stains depends on;

  • The material – some driveway materials are more absorbent than others
  • The age of the oil stain – clearly, the older the more difficult it may be to shift completely. Oil stains can be significantly lightened in colour, making them far less obvious on the driveway.

Will pressure cleaning improve my patio?

With our experience, specially selected cleaning substances and pressure washing, your patio will once again look light, clean and fantastic. With more and more of us enjoying our gardens as an extension of the indoors, it is no wonder that our professional patio cleaning services are in demand.

Can my roof be cleaned?

Roofing companies tell us that moss and lichen gathering on the roof can spell bad news for our homes. Moss and lichen are absorbent plants meaning that when it rains, they soak up water until they are saturated. Even though the roof may be dry after an hour or so, the moss and lichen remain saturated for some time.

This dampness on the roof will eventually penetrate inside the roof space. Clearly, getting up and cleaning the roof is not advisable because even when dry, the roof can be slippery.

With a lower powered jet wash and a special chemical cleaner, we can rid your roof of moss and lichen ensuring your roof stays as strong and damp-proof as possible.

What else can be cleaned?

Our pressure cleaning service in Clarkston also extends to:

  • Gutter cleaning – with a wet vacuum, we suction blockages cause by leaves, seeds etc. out of the guttering and downpipes
  • Walls – we can clean walls including rendered and bare walls, so that they too as moss and lichen free
  • uPVC frames and doors – we can restore brightness and gloss to your uPVC doors and windows with our pressure cleaning service

To find out more and for a free quotation, call our expert team today!