MIG Garden Care also offers Pressure Cleaning Services to the Coatbridge area of North Lanarkshire.

Pressure Cleaning at Your Coatbridge Home – Let the Professionals Do It!

You will have seen adverts for pressure washers and may have been tempted to buy one. But really, do you have the time to spend power washing everything in sight?

What about if your damage something? Is this the way you want to spend time? Professional pressure cleaning ensures that you get a great clean for the exterior of your property, ta a great price and without the need for you to spend hours of your time completing the task.

What can be cleaned?

The exterior of your property is subjected to all kinds of weather. Pollution also settles on the exterior of your property and this causes it to lose its shine and sparkle.

Pressure cleaning at your home lifts these stains, restores your property its former glory and helps materials to last longer.

There are many areas of your home that will benefit from pressure cleaning;

  • The driveway – oil stains and other marks can become ingrained in driveway materials. From concrete to tarmac, there are many materials that are ideal for pressure cleaning.
  • The patio – like the driveway, the patio is subject to all kinds of stains and marks over many years of use. Pressure cleaning gets rid of these marks and gives the patio a whole new appeal.
  • Brick and wall cleaning – pollution, the weather, general detritus and so on all contribute to the exterior of your home, from exposed brick to rendered walls, looking less than fantastic. Pressure cleaning uses only water under pressure, a fantastic cleaning agent that is not abrasive hence there is no damage. We finish the job with an anti-fungus spray which keeps the wall looking cleaner, for longer.
  • Gutter cleaning – an annoying drip doesn’t necessarily mean you need to replace the gutter but it may mean that they need cleaning. Pressure cleaning and our wet vacuum can lift and remove the most stubborn of blockages, quickly, easily and without damaging the gutters or downpipes.
  • uPVC window frames and doors – your double-glazed windows looked great when they were first installed but over time, the weather and pollution can dull the shine and finish of uPVC frames and doors. We can bring them back to life with a gentle cleaning agent and our jet wash service.

Great price, great service, great finish

Exterior pressure washing is a brilliant way of giving the exterior of your home a lift. This means you can enjoy the exterior of your home but is also a great idea if you are considering selling your property.

To find out more about pressure cleaning your Coatbridge property, call our expert team today.