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Driveway Cleaning

Autumn is the perfect season to spend some time with your driveway, ensuring it is in good condition and ready for the hard work of winter.  It is also a key time for the kind of debris landing on it that leads to growth of mould and moss that can break up the surface and make it unsteady to walk on.

One of the first things to do in autumn is to have the driveway cleaned.  You can do it yourself, but many people choose to use a service offering driveway cleaning area 2 to handle it for them.  These professionals will use specialist chemicals and cleaning equipment that do a much better job than household products and equipment can do.  If your drive has become stained, marked or is made from slightly delicate material like block paving then an expert cleaning service can be the best option.

Once the drive is clean, it may be worth considering some other measures to ready it for winter.  Some materials can benefit from resealing or from new material in the joints to ensure individual stones don’t move around.  If there are areas were stones have come loose or there are cracks in the surface, see about repairing them as they will only widen in the freeze and thaw cycles of the winter.

Watch the drains around the property for debris from the autumn leaf fall too – if these are blocked then you can end up with more water on the drive than is ideal and the problems that comes with it.  It makes for hazardous conditions when it starts to freeze too, which can happen at the end of autumn as night temperatures start to drop.

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