MIG Garden Care also offers Pressure Cleaning Services to the Uddingston area of South Lanarkshire.

Driveway Cleaning Uddingston

The winter can be hard work for your driveway, regardless of the material used in its construction.  The constant freeze and thaw cycle can break up even tough materials like asphalt and concrete and the higher levels of rain can wash away fixing materials between block pavings.  This means that taking care of your driveway doesn’t stop during winter and can almost be more important than at other times of the year.

At the end of autumn, carry out an assessment to see if any of the trees or shrubs around the edges of the driveway have roots that could work under and break up the drive.  If so, it might be worth cutting them back or removing them entirely.  Also creating an area around the edge of the driveway to deposit snow is a good idea so the less plants in this section, the better.

Salt is crucial to stop slipping when walking and to make it easier for car tyres to grip but can cause deterioration in the material.  That’s why it is important to use driveway cleaning area 1 if your drive is starting to get too stained from the salt and grit used over winter.  Even if there aren’t a lot of stains, a regular wash down when it isn’t icy can help stop a build-up on the surface.

Make sure gutters and drains around the house are in good working order and this stops water building up on the driveway – and then freezing.  Ice can break up a surface and make walking across the drive perilous.  Ensuring good drainage can help ease this problem and also helps with the same issue on the roof of the house.

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