Tree Surgeon Services

MIG Garden Care provides a full tree surgery service to the Airdrie area of North Lanarkshire.

MIG Garden Care is fully qualified Tree Surgeons (trained to NPTC + CITY & GUILDS standards) and carry full insurance.

We cover all Trees from Birch to Cherry and all hedging from Laurel to Privet.

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Essential Tree Surgery Services

Trees are an essential part of the environment, soaking up carbon dioxide that we no longer need.

Trees in your garden also provide a great nesting sites for birds, as well as their fruits and seeds being consumed by squirrels and other wildlife.

They provide shade, as well as interest and colour to an outdoor space. Depending on their species, they can offer all year-round colour too.

But, like other plants and shrubs, trees need some care and attention from time to time. It may be possible to lop a few branches from the ground but to give the tree stability and to maintain its health, you will eventually need tree services in Area 1 for essential maintenance.

Removing Trees

With a dead tree or one that has become so unstable it is unsafe, the only real option is to remove it. This can be done in two ways:

  1. Felling – this is a well-known method of felling a tree by working at the trunk from ground level. However, it is a high-risk operation and one that is not recommended in areas where the public and/or property could be at risk.
  2. Dismantling – this is how most trees are removed. It is the practice of a controlled dismantling of a tree and suits every location, no matter how awkward. We always practice this be default, unless there is an argument for felling a tree in one go.

Crown Reductions

Maintaining the natural shape of the tree is important for many of our clients and this why crown reductions is one of the most popular tree surgery services in Airdrie.

We use accurate pruning methods as opposed to topping or lopping at a tree that distorts it shape further. We suggest crown reduction is regular maintenance tasks on most trees.


Again, pruning of trees improves their appearance and health, as well as their safety.

Emergency Tree Care

Trees can be damaged in high winds and storms, resulting in damage to people, property as well as blocked roads.

When this is the case, the felled tree needs to be cleared in a timely manner, as well as the remaining trees made safe. We can also tidy away branches or, if you think a tree is in need of attention after a storm, we can check it for damage and any work needed.

Hedge Work

We can also deal with the hedge line on your property. We understand that hedging, its maintenance and cutting back is an essential task in many gardens.

With competitive prices, we are the people to call for all tree surgery service in Airdrie.