MIG Garden Care provides a full tree surgery service to the Carluke area of Lanarkshire.

Tree Surgeon Services

One of the saddest parts of tree surgery is when a tree needs to be felled.  But even trees have a lifespan or can be fatally damaged in high winds and storms.  It is also definitely a job for a professional and that’s what MIG Garden Care is.

Felling and lowering a tree is used when a tree is either in the way of development and needs to be removed or is showing signs of serious damage or death which could lead to it falling anyway.  The aim is to manipulate them to the ground to minimalize damage and disruption.  Sometimes the removal of the entire tree isn’t necessary but simply reducing it in size to allow the development to take place and this is another part of the service we offer.

Bracing is where a flexible brace and steel strand cables are added to a tree to ease the stress from snow and ice, heavy winds or simply the size of the tree.  This helps to strengthen weak branches, so they are less liable to break and fall.  Tree surgeons can look at the dominant parts of the tree that need bracing and then install the support to keep the tree healthy and standing.

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