Tree Surgeon in Clarkston

MIG Garden Care provides tree surgery services to the Clarkston area of Glasgow.

We are fully qualified Tree Surgeons (trained to NPTC + CITY & GUILDS standards) and carry full insurance. We offer the following: 

1. Tree Removal

We can remove any tree for you the cost will depend on size and location. Please get in touch if you need a tree felled in Clarkston. Our tree removal quote includes the tree being taken down and the full thing removed and responsibly disposed of. 

2. Tree Reduction / Crown Reduction

We can reduce the height and width of any tree on your grounds. It is important to keep on top of a tree growing out of control. It will make the tree stronger and less likely to be storm damaged. 

3. Tree Shaping & Pruning

Keep your tree looking great and healthy by regular pruning. 

4. Emergency Tree Removal

If you have a dangerous tree that is ready to fall and could cause an accident or damage property best call us as soon as possible. Call us for an emergency tree removal in Clarkton. 

5. Regular Tree Maintenance

We provide a regular tree maintenance service which depending on the types of tree’s you have depends on the price.  

6. Hedge Maintenance

MIG’s tree surgeons also provide a range of hedge trimming and maintenance services. 

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    Hedge Trimming Clarkston

    We provide a range of hedge services which include the following: 

    • Hedge Removal
    • Hedge Cutting
    • Regular Hedge Maintenance
    • Hedge Trimming
    • ‘One off’ Hedge Cut
    • Regular Hedge Cutting as part of our full garden care package.
    Get a quick quote call now: 0141 266 0532

    Essential Tree Surgery Services

    Tree surgery  involves lots of different processes to help trees stay in good condition and to protect buildings. However, some of the most popular processes we use involve removing branches from the crown of the tree. So what is the crown?

    The crown is the top area of the tree where branches grow out from the main trunk. It is the support system for all the leaves that grab the sunlight to change into food and feed the tree. There are even different types of crowns that develop in different locations – for example, a dominant tree crown is one that reaches over the top of all of the other trees.

    When it comes to tree surgery, the aim is to trim the crown in ways that reduce its size while still keeping the tree healthy. One of the most common approaches for this is called a crown thinning.  The idea here is to remove some of the secondary branches from the outer part of the crown so that the tree has a more even shape and size. It is a careful process that involves removing not more than 30% of the overall tree and is only done occasionally – some species of trees only ever have it done once.

    Contact MIG Garden Care to discuss your requirements.

    Customer Reviews & Feedback

    We post regularly on our Facebook about the jobs we have completed in the past. You will also find our latest 5* reviews on our Facebook and our Yell page. Please get in touch if you would like your garden featured on our website. Our gardeners will take some before and after pictures and post them online for you!