MIG Garden Care provides a full tree surgery service to the Eaglesham area of South Lanarkshire.

MIG Garden Care is fully qualified Tree Surgeons (trained to NPTC + CITY & GUILDS standards) and carry full insurance.

In Need of Professional Tree Surgery Services in Eaglesham?

We can help! With many years’ experience in tree surgery and related services, we are the local gardening company to call.

Why do trees need our help?

Trees are large majestic ‘plants’ that can grow wide and tall. As they grow, excessive growth spurts, disease and damage from weather can start to make them unstable and unsafe.

This means that the tree you have always loved could become a hazard to your own safety and to that of your property, and neighbouring properties.

Just like other plants and shrubs, trees appreciate a little help as they grow. This mean chopping away diseased or unsafe branches and so on.

And this is where our professional tree surgery services prove useful!

It can seem like a 10 minutes task to take a saw and lop away a branch. But get it wrong, and it can lead to disaster for you and for your tree too. Don’t be tempted to have a go yourself – always call the professionals.

Tree surgery services

We offer four tree surgery services to our customers;

  1. Crown reduction

The crown of the tree is the branches and leaves etc. protruding from the trunk that form the lush canopy. But when trees become too tall or spread too wide, their canopy can be a nuisance. Crown reduction is the answer as it reduces the overall height and spread of the canopy, bringing the tree back into proportion.

  1. Crown thinning

If you notice a lot of detritus including small dead branches on the ground beneath the tree after a storm or high winds, the time has come to call on our crown thinning service. This is where we climb into the canopy of the tree, thinning it out by removing dead branches and the like.

  • Crown raising

This is where we remove lower branches of the tree so that you are able to walk beneath it. This has a pleasing result as it pushes the profile of the tree upwards.

  1. Tree felling

Unfortunately, for many reasons, trees need to be felled. This could be because there are too many crowded into a space or the tree has succumbed to disease or old age. An unstable tree is dangerous too, thus we need to fell the tree in a controlled way.

For a free quotation on all our tree surgery services in Eaglesham call us today.