MIG Garden Care provides a full tree surgery service to the east-end of Glasgow.

Tree Surgeon Services

Tree surgery is a skilled service offered by tree surgeons or arborists and involves all kind of tree care and maintenance.  It also covers hazard assessment which looks as if a tree is dangerous and might fall and cause damage.  The aim of the tree surgeon is to keep trees healthy and beautiful looking while ensuring that they don’t cause problems around the home.

Tree thinning is one of the primary services offered by tree surgeons.  Trees often need to be thinned, where unwanted branches are removed and the crown, the centre top of the tree, is reduced, making it less dense.  This needs to be done in a specific way because not all branches should be removed and taking away too many can damage the tree.

The end result of crown thinning is that the tree still looks stunning but has better air and light circulation.  This is because there are fewer branches.  It can also help with stability, making the tree less top heavy and reducing the risk that it runs into trouble in heavy winds.

Tree surgeons offer a range of services like this one to help keep your trees in top condition.  MIG Garden Care can also combine tree surgery with other services to help with your garden requirements.

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