MIG Garden Care provides a full tree surgery service to the East Kilbride area of South Lanarkshire.

Competitive Priced Tree Surgery

Looking after trees is important. They soak up the carbon dioxide and give us oxygen. They stabilise our environment as well as providing shade in the garden, and habitats for all kinds of garden birds, insects and bugs.

From tree swings to enjoying climbing its branches, there are not many people who don’t have fond childhood memories of trees. But we need to take time to look after the trees in our gardens and public spaces.

Damage from Weather

As well as planned maintenance for domestic and commercial customers, we also work on trees damaged by weather. After heavy gales, tree branches can become dislodged or weak, and it is important to deal with these as soon as possible.

We can also work on clearing roads and pathways when a tree has fallen during bad weather, or due to disease.

We offer four essential tree surgery services;

Crown thinning

This is where dead or damaged branches are removed from the tree canopy. This helps the tree to grow in a way that retains not only its shape but its structural integrity too.

Crown reduction

The canopy of the tree – the branches – is integral to the tree. The more branches and leaves it can produce year after year, the more carbon dioxide and energy it can generate and use for its continued growth.

But too much growth and too fast can lead to a canopy that is out of shape but possibly out of balance too. Our team will reduce the grown, giving the tree canopy back its natural shape. This in itself not only gives it a more pleasant shape but strengthen future growth too.

Crown raising

The growth and weight of a canopy cause it to sag lower, which can be a nuisance if you need to walk under the tree! Crown raising is when our team cuts the tree branches so that it gives a higher head height.


There are times when a tree or trees need to safely. This may because they are damaged or diseased and present a danger to either property of people. Our qualified tree surgeons will fell from the top down, a much more controlled means of felling a tree.

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