Tree Surgeon Services

MIG Garden Care provides a full tree surgery service to the Killearn area.

MIG Garden Care is fully qualified Tree Surgeons (trained to NPTC + CITY & GUILDS standards) and carry full insurance.

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Essential Tree Surgery Information

Many of us have some variety of apple tree in our garden but taking care of them can be a little trickier than people often realise.  In fact, it is common for experts in tree surgery to be called out to either handle the pruning or to help with problems after pruning has gone wrong.

One of the big problems with apple trees is that they are susceptible to a fungus which leads to blemished and disfigured trees.  And pruning at the wrong time can make things even worse.  Apple trees are one of the most common to be over-pruned which also creates the situation where a tree grows with a vengeance to replace what has been removed – this often leads to an unbalanced tree.

If you have had a go at pruning and things don’t seem to have gone well, it doesn’t mean all is lost.  A professional tree surgeon can often work on the tree to restore balance, remove diseased areas and restore the tree to good health.  But it is important to get that help quickly when you notice signs of disease or imbalance in the tree.  As regional experts, we can visit your property, assess the tree and plan out the best course of action to restore it to full health.  And if the worst happens and the tree can’t be saved, we can handle the felling, ensuring it is done with the least damage to any surrounding trees.