MIG Garden Care provides a full tree surgery service to the Kirkintilloch area of East Dunbartonshire.

Tree Surgeon Services

One of the most common requirements for tree surgery is for tree pruning.  This also includes large shrubs and smaller trees that also require attention to keep them in good shape and a healthy condition.  MIG Garden Care offer this service across the area and can help get your trees and shrubs into shape.

The aim of tree pruning is to cut away dead or overgrown branches so that the tree can grow and become more fruitful.  There are special techniques used in it, rather than simply just cutting back a load of random branches.  Examples of this include the natural target pruning where the use of a branch collar helps to identify which branches should be removed and which left alone.  It also avoids cutting the tree’s branch collar because this could potentially spread rot to other parts of the tree.

Other services that we offer including tree thinning and crown cleaning.  Both of these services are designed to reduce the size, weight and density of a tree and to, therefore, make it more stable.  It will include thinning the top part of the tree, called the crown, and also removing unwanted branches in other areas.  This will make the tree healthier and look tidier.

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