MIG Garden Care provides a full tree surgery service to the Lenzie area of East Dunbartonshire.

Tree Surgeon Services

Crown cleaning is a specialist tree surgery skill that is used to help maintain trees with a focus on the top area, known as the crown.  If you need this type of tree surgery, then MIG Garden Care can help.

The crown of the tree often needs maintenance.  This is to avoid weak branches splitting and then falling to the ground.  There are two main ways to handle crown cleaning.  One is to remove dead wood and crossing and rubbing branches.  Dead woods are the ones that most often cause debris to fall while crossing and rubbing branches weaken each other or lead to branches that split.

Crown cutting, or tree thinning is the other main way to reduce the size and density of the tree.  The aim is to keep the overall shape of the tree while removing specific branches, letting more air and light flow through the tree and making it lighter and less likely to fall in bad weather.  Both techniques will help renew the growing vigour of the tree and keep it in good health.

As well as sorting the crown of the tree, we also offer tree and shrub pruning.  This involves removing strategic branches around the tree to reduce its size and make it more stable while keeping the overall shape intact.

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