Tree Surgeon Milngavie

MIG Garden Care is a team of gardeners and tree surgeons in Milngavie. We provide all tree surgery services as well as hedge maintenance, hedge trimming and all gardening services. 

MIG Garden Care is fully qualified Tree Surgeons (trained to NPTC + CITY & GUILDS standards) and carry full insurance.

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Tree Surgery Services Milngavie

Our experienced tree surgeons regularly work in Milngavie as it’s such a lovely green space filled with a lot of trees probably more than most areas in the Glasgow area. 

The services we offer are listed below: 

1. Tree Removal

Tree Removal can be necessary if a tree has got out of control, potential to damage property or is in ill health which is also causing concern. Our tree surgeons can remove trees of any size and any location.  

2. Tree Reduction & Trimming

We can also reduce the width, height and low growing branches of your trees which is called tree thinning, crown reduction and crown raising. 

3. Hedge Trimming & Maintenance

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    We regularly get called out to tackle overgrown hedges with Leylandii hedges being the cause most times as it is a leafy and fast growing hedge. We can reduce the height, trim it back or remove it completely. We also provide regular hedge trimming and maintenance services. 

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    Essential Tree Surgery Information

    Okay, at first glance, the job of an expert in tree surgery area 5 might seem pretty simple, one that most people could do.  Cut off a few branches, trim back a few shrubs and make sure everything looks okay.  But there’s a lot more to tree surgery than just that!

    Tree surgeons are skilled craftsmen with years of experience behind them.  Their aim is to help solve the problems of their clients but also to help and save the trees as much as possible.  This also applies to shrubs, hedges and other greenery.

    The role of the tree surgeon is a varied one.  One day we could be called out to handle a tree with wind damage and a large broken branch.  The next someone could realise their tree has a disease and needs treatment – or felling if the disease is too serious.  We also offer our experience and knowledge with problems with as trees impacting buildings including garages, outbuildings and commercial properties.

    Even if you just need advice on how to best keep your trees and shrubs in top condition, we are here to help.  We can prune the trees and show you how to keep things in smart order, help you recognise problems with diseases and know when to call us back out.  We are here for you – and your trees!

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    Hedge Removal Milngavie

    A customer of hours was having issues with her guttering which called for her down pipe to be replaced. However there was no access for the tradesman due to the hedge being in the way.

    This kind of privet hedge can have thick stems so a chain saw is best for cutting through the hard wood. Chainsaw work is highly dangerous and requires full PPE clothing.

    hedge removal Milngavie
    hedge removal Milngavie After
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