Tree Surgeon Newton Mearns

MIG Garden Care is an experienced team of gardeners and tree surgeons providing tree surgery in Newton Mearns, East Renfrewshire.

We are fully qualified Tree Surgeons (trained to NPTC + CITY & GUILDS standards) and carry full insurance.

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Tree Surgery Services

We offer a variety of tree and hedging services in and around Newton Mearns. See below for a brief outline of them;

1. Tree Reduction

We will reduce the size of your tree for you and our tree surgeon will explain exactly how we will do it. This might be crown reduction, thinning or crown raising. 

2. Tree Removal 

Unfortunately sometimes we have no other option but to remove a tree. We will do this in the most safest way possible. Get in touch for a quote (price depends on size and location of your tree). 

3. Regular Tree Maintenance

We will come out on a regular basis (which depends on the type and size of your tree) to prune and trim your tree. This can be by itself or part of our garden maintenance package which involves regular grass cutting, hedge trimming and weeding. 

4. Emergency Tree Surgery

The idea of an emergency tree surgeon might seem a bit funny – trees don’t seem at risk of bleeding to death for example!  But there can be situations classed as emergencies, normally because there is a significant risk of damage to property due to the tree.

High winds are something we experience a lot more in recent years and this has already brought down a number of sizeable trees in the area.  The problem comes when a tree is unsteady, has been terminally damaged or partially felled.  To finish the job, there’s the risk of damage to property such as homes or to infrastructure such as power lines.  That’s when an emergency tree surgeon is needed.

Our job is to get out as quickly as possible to assess the problem and find a solution.  Often, dismantling the tree is the best option, carefully removing parts until the rest can be felled safely, without damage to property.

Other times, the problem may be smaller, and some branches may have been broken by the winds and are causing problems.  These can usually be removed in a way to avoid long-term damage to the tree while checking that the tree remains stable and unlikely to fall.

Contact MIG Garden Care to discuss your requirements.

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Hedge Trimming Newton Mearns

A lot of gardens have hedges and we get calls regularly when a hedge goes out of control. This is generally due to hedges being fast growing and doesn’t take long for them to become unmanageable.

Not unmanageable for our expert gardeners though! See below for what hedging services we provide; 

  • Hedge Cutting / Trimming
  • Hedge Removal
  • Regular Hedge Maintenance 
  • ‘One Off’ Hedge Cut (back to a manageable size).
  • Advice & Help with your hedge. 

Send us a picture and details of what you need done and we will be in touch with a quote. 

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