Tree Surgeon Paisley

MIG Garden Care are a team of experienced gardeners and tree surgeons providing tree surgery in Paisley and all surrounding areas including all of Renfrewshire. 

Our team are fully qualified Tree Surgeons (trained to NPTC + CITY & GUILDS standards) and carry full insurance.

Send us a picture along with your details and we will get a quote to you as soon as possible. 

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Tree Surgery Services Paisley

We provide a wide range of gardening and tree surgery services below are a sample of our services: 

1. Tree Removal

We will remove any tree for you the price will depend on size and location. Your quote includes the tree being taken down and the full tree being taken away to be disposed of. This is usually the most costly part of a tree removal.  

2. Tree Reduction

We will trim back your tree for you in a way that will make it look great but also help keep it healthy. We can do whatever you like from crown thinning, crown reduction or crown raising. If you have any questions give us a call and our tree surgeon will help you. 

3. Regular Tree Maintenance

A popular service with our Paisley customers. We will regularly trim your tree back or shape it to how you like on a regular basis. Different types and sizes of tree grow differently so get in touch and we will go over what’s best for you. 

4. Emergency Tree Surgery

It’s always blowing a gale in Paisley! This unfortunately can cause issues for trees, especially older ones who are more susceptible to being uprooted. Contact Us for any emergency tree surgery requirements you have. 

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    Get a quick quote call now: 0141 266 0532

    Hedge Trimming Paisley

    Every other garden in Paisley has a hedge whether it’s for privacy or just a border for your garden we provide a range of hedging services. 

    • Hedge Removal
    • Hedge Trimming / Cutting
    • ‘One Off’ Hedge Cut (to a manageable size for you)
    • Hedge Maintenance
    • Regular Hedge Cutting Service
    • Advice & Help with your hedge

    Get in touch for a quote. Send us a picture of your hedge along with your details and what you would like done and we will be in touch with a quote. The more information you provide the more accurate quote we can give you. 

    Get a quick quote call now: 0141 266 0532

    Tree Care 

    Generally, trees are fairly low maintenance – you might have the branches trimmed occasionally or a little reshaping done.  But they don’t need the hands-on, constant care than some shrubs and plants do.  However, there are situations in winter when you may need an expert in tree surgery to help your tree manage.

    Cold stress is the name given to the constant freeze and thaw process we often see in winter.  You know those days where the sun shines then at night there’s a heavy frost – that creates cold stress on the trees.  It also freezes any moisture in cracks in the trees and can force them open.

    A lot of the time, the tree carries on.  It has been around for a while, this isn’t the first winter it has been through.  But some trees, younger ones in particular, can suffer more with cold stress.  Or it might be that there are early frosts on late growth that have caused damage.  These are situations when you may need a tree surgeon to take a look at the tree.

    For example, it is best to avoid pruning until the tree enters the dormancy period in autumn otherwise the action might stimulate new growth – which is then affected by the cold.  So get a tree surgeon to give you advice on not only where needs pruning but when it best to help your tree manage the winter.

    Past Jobs & Other Areas

    Our team of gardeners and tree surgeons are based in Glasgow however we do cover a large area from Paisley, Renfrewshire to all over Lanarkshire. We regularly post our past jobs, reviews and updates about our work. See here for areas close to Paisley: Bearsden Hedge Cutting, Dumbarton Hedge Trimming & Clydebank Hedge Maintenance