Tree Surgeon Glasgow Southside

MIG Garden Care is a team of professional Tree Surgeons in Glasgow Southside providing a range of tree surgery services, hedge maintenance and garden services. 

Our team of Arborists and gardeners are full trained (NPTC + CITY & GUILDS standards) and hold all the appropriate insurances and licences. 

Send us a picture of the tree or hedging and what’s required and we will send you a quote over the phone, larger trees and jobs may need a site visit to give an accurate quote. Send a picture by texting, Emailing or using our contact form or simply call us and we will come see you in person. 

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Tree Surgery Glasgow Southside

As touched on above our tree surgeons cover all of Glasgow’s Southside and below are a few of our main services: 

1. Tree Removal

Our highly qualified team of tree surgeons will be able to remove any size tree from your property with expert care and attention. 

2. Tree Reduction & Trimming

This is one of our most requested services bringing an out of control tree back to a manageable size while maintaining its health. We can reduce the height of the tree, width and thin it out so it looks great again. 

3. Hedge Trimming & Maintenance

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    Our team of gardeners in Glasgow’s southside also undertake all hedge trimming, reduction, removal and maintenance jobs. This can be a one off hedge cut or part of a regular garden maintenance plan. 

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    Latest Southside Job:

    Back to the southside of Glasgow here for some hedge cutting and tree maintenance over in Giffnock. As can be seen in the picture Nick is in full high vis PPE. As for the hedge this one was a mix of privet with some Ivy poking thought it. Hard to distinguish between the two from the picture as they are both dark green.

    An interesting thing about private hedging is that its leaves change colour as it ages, much like our hair only it goes from light green to dark green.

    Nick was trimming this up to have a boxed effect by keeping the angle of his trimmer consistent as he sweeps up the hedge. Over time time, regular trimming like this will train the hedge into a beautiful thick screen of green leaves.

    Hedge Maintenance Glasgow Southside
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    Here we where called out to Newton Mearns in Glasgow’s Southside for a leylandii hedge reduction.  These hedges are very common and the quickest growing hedges that we have in Britain. They are very hardy and take to most soil types which is why they are so common.

    For this job we where to remove around 3 feet in height while keeping a consistent level on the top which followed the gardens slope.

    As can be seen we used canes and string line to get the level right then scored through the hedge with a chain saw . We then switched back and fourth between a hedge cutter and a chainsaw as we encountered some thicker branches.

    If looking to attempt this kind of job on your own then one thing to remember is the amount of waste that is left. So when budgeting for a professional company to do the work take into account that at least the same price of a skip could be charged out just for the waste to be removed to the dump.

    Hedge Reduction Southside
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    Hedge & Tree Services

    If you require any of our services then the fastest way to get a quote is to Email, text or use our contact form and attach a picture with a description of what tree / hedge services you need done. 

    Some larger jobs will need a site inspection to give an accurate quote, Thank you MIG Garden Care.