Tree Surgeon Services

MIG Garden Care provides a full tree surgery service to the Strathblane area.

MIG Garden Care is fully qualified Tree Surgeons (trained to NPTC + CITY & GUILDS standards) and carry full insurance.

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Essential Tree Surgery Information

Sometimes when we get calls for tree surgery, the problem isn’t so much the tree as its impact on buildings.  The interaction between trees and structures can vary greatly depending on factors such as the species of tree, the potential for growth, water demand, soil type, drainage and the local climate.  Also, the design and construction of the building can factor in the issues.

Tree related damage can include subsidence, heave, direct displacement, displacement surfacing and also colonisation of underground services.  This can lead to a host of problems and some very expensive bills to repair the damage.

This is why keeping trees in check and making sure they aren’t interfering with buildings is very important.  If you have trees close to your home, garage or other outbuildings, it is worth having a tree surgeon inspect them on a regular basis to make sure they aren’t impacting the building in any way.  And if there are signs that these problems could occur, we can take steps to prune or alter the tree and cut back the risk.

If the worst happens and a tree is impacting a building, so it needs to be removed, we also handle full tree felling in a safe and controlled way.  This reduces damage to the building and other trees and shrubs nearby while ensuring the tree is removed and with it, the risk to the property.