Grass Cutting Mount Vernon

MIG Garden Care has been providing garden maintenance and grass cutting in Mount Vernon for well over 10 years now. Have a look at our Yell & Facebook pages for loads of 5* reviews from all our happy clients in the area.

We provide a range of services including lawn maintenance, hedge trimming, tree trimming, garden tidy ups and maintenance plans. 

Grass Cutting Options:

  • Regular Grass Cutting: Fortnightly grass cutting service: grass cutting, trimming your edges, blowing loose grass and leaves away and free weed killer on hard surfaces.
  • One Off Grass Cut: Price dependent on size and condition.

Garden Tidy Ups Mount Vernon

We provide a garden tidy up and garden clearance service which consists of 2-3 gardeners who will come to your property and work for 3.5 hours and provide grass cutting, hedge trimming, tree shaping, weeding and will focus on what you want done to your garden.

  • Option 1: 2 Hour slot with 2/3 professional gardeners.
  • Option 2: Half day 2/3 gardeners for 3.5 hours.
  • Option 3: Full day 7 hours with 2/3 gardeners.

Garden Maintenance Plans

Our maintenance plan includes regular visits but adds in weeding flower beds, trimming hedges and making your garden always look neat and tidy.

We offer many more gardening services in Mount Vernon and surrounding areas. Get in touch and see how we can help make your home & garden look stunning. See below for our latest jobs in Mount Vernon including our before and after pictures, customer reviews and some comments from the gardeners themselves. 

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    Grass Cutting Job:

    Here we have a one off grass cut at an address in Mount Vernon in Glasgow’s East End, this was for an elderly customer who had been using the councils garden service before it was discontinued due to Covid-19. Her daughter got in touch with us as the garden had been untouched all year.

    With the grass knee high and damp we could not use the lawn mower and decided it would be best to strim down the growth and allow the grass to dry out . Please note that with our regular fortnightly grass cutting customers we will cut damp, wet grass and usually cut even in the rain, this is because we use some of the best equipment to do our gardening work, for instance our Etesia lawnmowers are French made with a special design which allows wet grass to move from under the lawn mower and into the back box stopping the lawnmower from being clogged up.

    Back to the garden and after strimming we raked up the cuttings into rows before bagging the waste. Due to this being the first cut of the year and in the middle of June the moss had really got a grip of the garden. This is partly due to the grass being allowed to grow long and shade the underlying moss from the sun . Moss loves damp conditions and is very spongy so its important that it drys out under the sun in order for it to be managed properly. 

    I recommended to the customer that the grass be treated with a lawn feed which is very high in iron, this will kill the moss and allow the grass to re-establish in the lawn and create a nice green sword, please be advised how ever that if moss is an issue in your garden then it will need routine maintenance, such as repeat treating with a moss killing granular fertiliser in both March and October. For anyone looking to add a more green colour to there lawn then iron is again the go to treatment, the lesser the concentration the better for greening up the lawn and the higher the dose the more it will kill off any underlying moss.

    Mount Vernon Grass Cutting

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    Garden Maintenance Plan

    Our Gardener was grass cutting at a regular clients in Mount Vernon Glasgow. We visit here every 2 weeks and start by strimming the edges of the grass before picking up the cutting with the lawn mower. We finish off by using a blower that scatters any loose cuttings and leaves a nice clean finish to the customers garden.

    We also offer a once per month weedkiller package which keeps on top of unwanted plants growing through paving and driveways.
    We have SP31 sprayers licence from city of guild which means we are trained in using professional weedkiller.
    garden maintenance Mount Vernon

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    Customer Reviews
    Neglected garden overhaul
    I asked Mark if he could get my mums garden back into some order after many months of neglect. He came out and quickly assessed the job and confirmed a fair price for the work required Mark and team arrived on the date he confirmed and started to clear the garden which was significant work. He came back the following week to carry out power washing and then a few days later to put the sand down on the driveway. A final visit was to prune back bushes and trees leaving the garden unrecognisable from the first visit. I would highly recommend Mark and his team for the hard work, punctuality, and high standard of professionalism shown whilst working on this job
    yell review
    Annette McGraw
    Review from Yell | May 2020

    Gardening Services in Mount Vernon

    We also provide various other garden services listed below: 

    • Garden Maintenance
    • Lawn Maintenance
    • Lawn Care
    • Tree Trimming
    • Hedge Trimming
    • Garden Clearance
    • Garden Tidy Ups
    • Regular Grass Cutting
    • One off Grass Cut
    • Ivy Removal
    • Moss Removal
    • Much, Much More!

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