MIG Garden Care provides a full tree surgery service to the Hamilton area of South Lanarkshire.

Professional Tree Surgery

Trees are important for the environment, but they are essential for your garden. Providing shade, regulating the groundwater and providing nesting habitat for a range of garden birds, looking after the trees in your garden will ensure you reap the benefits too.

But it is important that any tree surgery services are carried out by a fully qualified tree surgeon. Failure to work ‘with’ the tree rather than against leads to irreversible damage to the tree, the surrounding area and possibly your property too.

Our team hold NPTC and City& Guilds qualifications which means that the tree surgery on offer from MIG Garden Care is always the best service to invest in.

What Tree Surgery Services Do We Offer?

There are four ways in which we ensure that the tree remains healthy and stable;

  • Crown reduction – the canopy of the tree provides the shade that benefits your garden so much but excessive growth either upwards or sideways (or both) can lead to it becoming unstable and out of shape. Reducing the crown gives it a pleasing overall shape once again.
  • Crown thinning – as the canopy grows, there will be some branches that are too thin and straggly. Likewise, weaker branches can be damaged during high winds. Crown thinning is an essential tree surgery task that removes broken or dead branches.
  • Crown raising – the canopy doesn’t just grow up and out, it can also grow down and with the weight of growing branches, being able to walk under or around the tree is difficult. Crown raising is the process of cutting the ‘under branches’ to raise head height.
  • Felling – unfortunately, there are times when a tree is badly damaged or diseased, or beyond saving that means felling it is the only option. We use a felling technique that cuts down the tree from the top down. This makes felling more manageable in smaller spaces such as domestic gardens, but also the ideal solution in public spaces where it offers a much safer process.

All Trees, Hedging and Shrubs

We are often asked which species of tree, or shrub or hedging we will deal. The answer is all of them!

We work with domestic customers, as well as servicing maintenance contracts for local business and government departments. We are the tree surgery services you can trust.

To find out more, call the tree surgery team on 0779 516 1893.