Tree Surgeon Motherwell

MIG Garden Care is a team of expert gardeners and tree surgeons. We provide tree surgery in Motherwell, North Lanarkshire and surrounding areas.

We are experienced and fully qualified Tree Surgeons (trained to NPTC + CITY & GUILDS standards) and carry full insurance. Here are some of the services we provide;

1. Tree Removal

We will remove any tree from your property for you. Get in touch for a quote, price will depend on the type and location of your tree. Our quote will include the full cost of taking the tree down and the costs related to removing all the waste (which is a large part of the quote). 

2. Tree Reduction

One of our popular services most people just want their tree cut back however it has to be done correctly or else it will grow out of control the year after. Our tree surgeons know exactly what to do whether it is a crown reduction, crown thinning or crown raising. 

3. Regular Tree Maintenance

We can come and trim your tree on a regular basis depending on the type of tree you have. Get in touch for a quote. 

4. Emergency Tree Surgery

We all know what the Scottish wind is like and this harsh weather can result in unsafe and dangerous branches ready to cause an accident. Get in touch for a quote for emergency tree surgery in Motherwell. 

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Hedge Trimming Motherwell

As said previously we are expert gardeners as well as tree surgeons and we get regular calls for hedge maintenance. The issue with hedges is that they can be fast growing which means they can get out of control in such a short period. See below for a list of hedging services we offer: 

Send us a picture and details and we will be able to give you a more accurate quote. 

Get a quick quote call now: 0141 266 0532

A bit about Tree Surgery

As a company offering services as a tree surgeon, we visit many properties and deal with many different trees.  Trees are a bit like people – no two are exactly the same!  This means we are constantly finding new ways to help the tree, prolong its lifespan but also stop it becoming a problem for homeowners.

Pruning and trimming of shrubs, hedges and smaller trees are some of the more common tasks we are asked to undertake.  These general tree maintenance jobs help to keep everything looking tidy, in place and ensures paths and driveways are clear and easy to use.  It also helps keep the plants and trees in good condition, especially if there are broken or damaged branches.

For larger trees, we offer a number of services to keep them in top condition.  One example is crown reduction.  This removes branches from the top area of the tree, known as the crown, in order to thin it and make the tree steadier.  It is a careful job as cutting too much can hurt the tree and even lead to its death.  But done right, it will mean the tree can better withstand bad weather.

Whatever the problem with the shrubs and trees around your property, we are happy to help.  We like a challenge but also have a ‘no job too small’ approach so give us a call to book a free quote for the work you want to be done.

Contact MIG Garden Care to discuss your requirements.