Tree Surgeon in Uddingston

MIG Garden Care provides a full tree surgery service to the Uddingston area of South Lanarkshire. MIG Garden Care is fully qualified Tree Surgeons (trained to NPTC + CITY & GUILDS standards) and carry full insurance.

Text, Email or use our contact form to send us a picture of your tree for a fast quote. We regularly undertake tree removals and trimming in Uddingston. 

Crown Reduction & Thinning

Of the services offered by a tree surgeon, one of the most commonly used is the crown reduction.  This is the process where the height and the spread of the crown are reduced.  The crown is the name for the part of the tree where are branches and leaves.  There are a few reasons why crown reduction might be needed.

One example is where there is mechanical stress on specific branches or on the whole tree.  This might weaken the tree and could even cause it to fall.  Another reason is that the tree has simply become too large for the space – it may be touching a house, overhanging a neighbour’s property or blocking out the light.

Whatever the reason, crown reduction is about more than just chopping off branches.  The aim is to retain the main framework of the crown and a good portion of the leaf-bearing structure to keep the tree in good health.  Cuts are small and done strategically to achieve the aim but without causing serious damage to the tree.

That’s why this is a job for a tree surgeon  – cut too much and you could even kill the tree.  Cut too little and the aim isn’t met. 

Let experts at MIG Garden Care handle the process for you and keep your tree healthy, just a little more in shape.

Tree Removal Uddingston

You should always, always contact a professional tree surgeon for tree felling and removal no matter the size. It can be very dangerous especially working with heavy tools such as a chainsaw. 

MIG Garden Care regularly remove trees for a variety of reasons such as too close to your property, damaged due to high winds (it is Scotland after all) and also to give more light into your garden. 

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